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What if there exists a company where software development is in the DNA of every single employee

A Sports ERP System

Wearable Technology

Internet of Things

Sportlink is an enterprise information system used by a large number of Sports Associations in the Netherlands. The Sportlink System offers many functional modules that can be used in various sports organization related processes.

Dexels is a forerunner in wearable technology and develops smart wristbands for large scale events. People tracking, access control, cashless payment, crowd control and security are standard elements of the event infrastructure.

A buzz word for many but reality at Dexels. With our software and hardware combinations we provide highly sophisticated IoT solutions. From sports, entertainment and security to medical solutions.

100.000 daily users of the system

125.000 bracelets at the tomorrowland event.

70 man-year of development of SAAS and IoT solutions

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