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The foundations of the software solutions of Dexels are carefully chosen open source products. As you might expect from a software company who’s goal is to maximise the use of open source software products, Dexels has contributed in house developed software such as the Navajo framework for rapid service oriented architecture (SOA) application development to the open source community.

Sports Industry


Dexels has over 10 years experience in developing software for the Sports industry & Royal Dutch Football League using a SaaS concept. As an early adopter of XML based SOA applications, Dexels defined the infrastructure and software based on intelligent loosely coupled XML/JSON web services. The competition planning algorithms however are based on software (deterministic and non-deterministic) written in Java. The SaaS platform, called Sportlink, is currently in use by over 10 sport federations and over a million unique users across the Netherlands and Belgium.


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Event and Leisure Industry


Under the Sendrato brand, Dexels has developed an award winning wearable product that is used for large events, including trade shows. The wristband is part of a product portfolio that allows for complete event management, integrating ticketing, access control, cashless payments, security, crowd control, crew accreditation and mobile visitor apps. The bi-modal active/passive RFID wristband product itself allows for tracking more than 125,000 visitors simultaneously at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium and Brasil.


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Award winning software solutions

Wearable Technology innovation worldcup

In 2014, Sendrato won the Wearable Technology Innovation Worldcup with the Sendrato Smart Wristband.

Duke Choice Award

In 2007 Dexels was honored by Sun Microsystems with a Dukes Choice Award for Navajo. They received the award at the Java One conference in San Francisco from the hands of James Gosling , father of Java .

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