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Dexels is a software development company founded in 2000 by two researchers from the University of Amsterdam and the CWI (the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in Holland). They saw a growing need for Service Oriented Computing and they architected and developed a Service Oriented Framework.

The company has since worked on large scale projects in the Oil, Banking, Engineering and Sports sector. In 2007 Dexels was honored by Sun Microsystems with a Duke’s Choice Award at the Java One Conference in San Francisco.

Mission Statement: “To build excellent Critical Complex Systems for the world’s most exacting Clients

In 2016, Dexels employs 15 highly qualified people with several decades of shared experience in Information Technology, going all the way back to the first mainframe computers. The company has formed strategic partnerships in Europe, North-America and Asia. By cooperating with consultancy, implementation and sales partners, Dexels is able to stay focused on what they do best, namely architect and develop enterprise scale IT solutions and at the same time leverage a vast resource pool of experts which best meet client project specifications.

In more than 15 years of developing robust, high-performance, complex systems, Dexels has built a rich repository of knowledge, experience and tools. Open Standards, Open Source and Open Communication assures that there is no loss of knowledge. Dexels is a strong advocate of Open Source and in fact has made their library of components available to the community.

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